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Here are some of the milestone dates on the project timeline.

30th October 2015

New store, kitchen, shower and toilet block put into use.

30th August 2015

First two children from Ipusukilo were baptised at Bethel Chapel.

9th February 2015

Hotel 3 was opened with all the girls moving across with Mayo Elidah.

29th October 2013

Mayo Elidah joins us at Ipusukilo, initially helping in hostel 2.

5th May 2013

First Sunday night Singing held in the new Chota.

November 2012

Chota structure and thatching complete.

14th November 2012

Batch of 50 day old chicks received for first broiler project.

26th October 2012

Thatching started on the meeting chota..

13th June 2012

Main bore hole drilled to depth of 50m.

2nd May 2012

Work started on construction of the main meeting chota with the first line of supporting poles.

10th November 2011

Roof complete on hostel 3.

19th July 2011

First batch of point of lay hens received.

11th July 2011

First section of ring beam poured hostel 3.

6th June 2011

First block laid marking the start of wall construction on hostel 3.

5th May 2011

Work starts on the  construction of the concrete slab for hostel 3.

24th April 2011

Ipusukilo receives a gift of a 28 seater Mitsubishi Rosa bus.

25th December 2010

The children celebrate their first Christmas together.

21st November 2010

Five more children (1 girl 5 boys) come to complete hostel 1.

9th September 2010

First 11 children go to school.

10th May 2010

We welcome the first three girls and another boy to Ipusukilo.

9th April 2010

Three more boys arrive at Ipusukilo.

18th March 2010

Ipusukilo welcomes its first four boys to hostel 1.

17th March 2010

Dedication service held for the opening of hostel 1.

5th March 2010

ZESCO turn on electrical power to Ipusukilo.

3rd March 2010

Water tower transported to site and lifted into position.

17th September 2009

Landscaping and grass planting started around hostel 1.

9th May 2009

Roof complete on hostel 2.

5th February 2009

Front boundary wall construction started. Completed by mid-April.

24th September 2008

Roof complete on Hostel 1. Topping out ceremony held.

11th August 2008

Ring beam pour for Hostel 1 started.

10th July 2008

First section of floor slab Hostel 2 poured.

14th June 2008

Laterite for Hostel 2 foundation back fill delivery to site commenced. Back fill completed by 26th June.

13th May 2008

First section of floor slab Hostel 1 poured. Slab complete by 22nd May.

9th April 2008

Another 10 workers are hired and foundations are under way in earnest. Work started on digging the well.

26th March 2008

The first 10 workers are employed and start to clear the ground and dig foundations for Hostels 1 and 2..

21st March 2008

The boundary line of the site is pegged out followed by the demarcation of the hostels.