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Ipusukilo Children’s Trust

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Project Background


At the end of 2004 one of the street children was knocked down by a motor vehicle while crossing a road, possibly high on jenkem.

Several of us visited him in Chingola's North Hospital where he had been taken. He was being looked after by his elderly grand mother as his parents had both died when he was around 6 months old. We looked at his hospital card to find that his address had been entered as "Market Stall 1, Chiwempala Market".

This experience lead us to pray about the possibility of setting up a centre for these children.


Our long-term plan is to be able to provide a home and give the children a sense of belonging and security. The children will be able to go to local school and be monitored by hostel parents. We hope to have workshops for training in a vocational skill such as mechanics, textiles, woodwork and horticulture, and a clinic on site. It is a very exciting venture and one in which we need much guidance, so prayer would be much appreciated.

The Plot

In 2005, we made an application to the local council for a plot of land in the area. Some time later in March 2006, we received a call from the council to say that land had been allocated to us. The land allocation was free, but we had to pay the council a nominal registration fee.

The next week, we took the council engineer out to map the land. We were originally allocated 75 x 75 metres but were able to negotiate it up to 150 x 150 metres. Once the land was pegged out, we had to arrange for concrete markers to be put in place and then a plan to be draw up by the council in order to make an application for a plot number with the Ministry of Lands in Ndola. Further surveys and formal procedures, which have taken a lot of time, followed before our plot was ready for construction.

The Plan

It is our desire to eventually construct 4 hostels on the site and some workshop training facilities for mechanics, woodworking and hand crafts. In time, we hope to have a clinic, Christian bookroom, administration facilities.

Each hostel will house up to sixteen children in a family unit, as resources and materials become available we hope to progress with further buildings.


You can see from other pages, we have made steady progress over the past years and, to date, have opened three hostels, two guest houses. In 2012 we constructed a meeting chota (grass roof structure) and various site facilities are ready and in use. Chicken houses were built for layers and broilers to provide food and life skills for the children. In 2013, two ant hills were removed and a large area was prepared for out door games.